• MVR D 300×500

    The vertical storage has in fact been designed for a fast availability of the desired fabric and a better management of the production space.

    Thanks to this fabric bobbins storage, the operator has at his disposal the fabric that needs in a fast way, with the aim of speeding up the production of roller blinds and pvc, improving production capacity.

  • BE 1207 M

    Thanks to this automatic cutting machine for awnings, the operator can perform the cutting of the fabric being able to carefully inspect the fabric.

    The ultrasonic longitudinal cut with optimized sonotrode for cutting acrylic awning fabrics, prevents the fraying of fabrics after cutting, as it carries out a welding of the fibres at the same time as cutting the fabrics.

  • SB 400 TS EVO 2.1

    The welding system has been designed for easy, fast and precise welding.

    Thanks to this double bar thermal pulse welding machine for welding technical fabrics. Precision and efficiency are guaranteed by the welding software.

  • TA TR DI 6.5×4.5

    Hoist for the assembly and testing of roller blinds, ideal for speeding up and simplifying the production of indoor sun protection.

    The inspection and testing hoist for vertical blinds has been designed for fast and precise assembly and superior quality control.

  • BE 3405 S 3LU

    The machine has been deisgned for fast and precise cutting and superior quality control.
    Ultrasonic cutting also improves operator safety.
    Precision and efficiency are guaranteed by the cutting software.

  • TA TB 700

    The awnings inspection and testing loom has been designed for fast and accurate assembly and superior quality control.

Let's make your work evolve


Customized solutions for cutting fabrics for sun protection, outdoor and indoor.


Customized solutions for thermal impulse welding for roller blinds.


Customized solutions for the assembling and testing of awnings and technical blinds.

A family company

More than 40 years of experience and the union of two generations united by innovative vision, planning and meticulousness make us the ideal business partner for any company operating in the production of sun protection systems.

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