SB 400 TS EVO 2.1

Double beam welding machine for welding of screen fabrics with thermal impulses, in width of 2, 4 and 6 meters. AUTOMATIC model with temperature optimization system.

stage of workWelding

subcategoryRoller blinds

product codeSB 400 TS EVO 2.1


Automatic moving to perform the fold of the pocket.
Applications: joint, pocket, zip.
2-4-6 meters

Mod. SB 400 TS EVO 2.1

Available in 2, 4 e 6 mt

Automatic welding machine for roller blinds, with double welding bar with thermal pulses of 10 mm, with adjustment of welding temperature, welding time and cooling time.

Functions: automatic folding and welding of the bottom pocket, union of two panels, side ZIP welding, coextruded profiles, Aviasta profiles.

Ideal to speed up and simplify the production of indoor and outdoor sun protection.

The welding system has been designed for easy, fast and precise welding.

Thanks to this double bar thermal pulse welding machine for welding technical fabrics, the operator will perform the processing of roller blinds and pvc, with the aim of speeding up production, improving production capacity.

Precision and efficiency are guaranteed by the welding software, for fast and precise welding the automatic bottom pocket, the union of two panels, the side ZIP, the co-extruded profiles and the various profiles.