US CT 867

Semi-automatic sewing and edge unit, with fixed Durkopp-Adler 867sewing head and fixed table.

stage of workSewing


product codeUS CT 867


With sewing machine Durkopp-Adler 867

Mod. US CT 867 (all sizes are customizable).

Semi-automatic sewing system for acrylic and polyester fabric awnings, ideal to speed up and simplify the production of outdoor sun protection.

The sewing system is designed for easy, fast and precise sewing.

Thanks to this sewing system for awnings, with fixed Durkopp-Adler 867sewing head and fixed table, the operator can sew the fabric with the aim of speeding up the production of awnings, improving production capacity.

Precision and efficiency are guaranteed by the sewing software, for a fast and precise sewing and edging of the various panels.