TA V DL 4×4

Venetian blinds double assembly and testing hoist, 4x4 meters.

stage of workAssembling

subcategoryAssembly and testing of Venetian blinds

product codeTA V DL 4x4


4×4 meters

Mod. TA V DL 4×4 width cm 400 x height cm 400 (all sizes are customizable).

Hoist for the assembly and testing of venetians blinds in width 4 meters x height 4 meters, ideal for speeding up and simplifying the production of indoor venetians blinds and outdoor venetians blinds.

The inspection and testing hoist for venetians blinds has been designed for fast and precise assembly and superior quality control. Thanks to this lifter for the assembly and testing of venetians blinds, the operator can lift awnings at the desired height for an accurate inspection, to perform tests and various pre-installation adjustments.