MVR D 300×500

Double rotating vertical storage for fabric.

stage of workStorage

subcategoryScreen and PVC fabrics

product codeMVR D 300x500


320 cm
Capacity 55 rolls

Double rotating vertical automatic storage for screen and pvc fabrics in max. width 300 cm, capacity 55 bobbins.

Mod. MVR D 300 x 500

(all sizes are customizable)

Automatic storage for the storage of screen and pvc fabrics for the production of roller blinds.

Ideal to speed up and simplify the production of outdoor sun protections.

The vertical storage has in fact been designed for a fast availability of the desired fabric and a better management of the production space.

Thanks to this fabric bobbins storage, the operator has at his disposal the fabric that needs in a fast way, with the aim of speeding up the production of roller blinds and pvc, improving production capacity.

The accuracy and efficiency are guaranteed by the software of automatic search of the desired roll through the shortest way through touch-screen display with material code/ color/ product.