BE 3213 S 2 LU + 8SP

Automatic cutting machine for pergolas, with 2 longitudinal blade cuts and transversal blade cut, n.08 pneumatic systems for PVC marking.

stage of workCutting

subcategoryCutting and marking of pergolas

product codeBE 3213 S 2 LU + 8SP


Automatic fabric cutting and PVC marking machine for pergolas:
2 longitudinal blade cuts
8 systems for marking, on the PVC, the welding lines of co-extruded profiles, omega, keder, etc.

Mod. BE 3213 S 2LU + 8SP, cutting width cm 320 x cutting length cm 1300.

For rolls max.300 cm width, cutting/marking length 12 meters (all sizes are customizable).

Automatic machine for cutting and marking pvc pergolas, ideal to speed up and simplify the production of outdoor anwnings and pergolas, double blade cut in both X and Y directions to optimize the cutting quality with different types of fabric.

The 2 cutting heads can work simultaneously or individually.

The machine has been designed for fast and precise cutting and marking and superior quality control.

Thanks to this fabric cutting machine for Pergolas, the operator can perform the cutting and marking of the fabric by being able to accurately inspect the fabric, with the aim of speeding up the production of roller blinds, improving the production capacity.

Precision and efficiency are guaranteed by the cutting software, for a fast and precise insertion of the measurements of the panels to be cut and marked.