BE 1810 M2 LU + MVR Q 180×300

Automatic fabric cutting machine for awnings, PVC, ZIP and roller blinds, with 2 double longitudinal blade + ultrasonic and transversal blade + ultrasonic cutting, complete with double automatic horizontal and vertical storage, 146 rolls of acrylic, PVC and screen (capacity varies according to space).

stage of workCutting


product codeBE 1810 M2 LU + MVR Q 180x300


The synchronization between machines and software systems becomes a reality in this automatic system for cutting for awnings, PVC roller blinds and ZIP screens, equipped with a double computerized horizontal and vertical storage
146 acrylic, PVC and screen rolls
Variable capacity (according to the available space).

Mod BE 1810 M 2 LU + MVR Q 180×300 (all sizes are customizable).

Automatic machine for cutting acrylic and polyester fabric for awnings, PVC, ZIP and roller blinds, ideal to speed up and simplify the production of outdoor sun protection.

The table has been designed for fast and precise cutting and superior quality control.

Thanks to this automatic cutting machine for awnings, the operator can perform the cutting of the fabric being able to carefully inspect the fabric, with the aim of speeding up the production of the awnings, improving the production capacity.

The ultrasonic longitudinal cut with optimized sonotrode for cutting acrylic awning fabrics, prevents the fraying of fabrics after cutting, as it carries out a welding of the fibres at the same time as cutting the fabrics.

Ultrasonic cutting also improves operator safety, it does not burn the fabric, does not alter the color and does not produce fumes.

Precision and efficiency are guaranteed by the cutting software, for a fast and precise calculation of the various panels to be cut according to the size of the awning and by the software of automatic search of the desired roll through the shortest way through touch-screen display with material code/ color/ product.

The double horizontal and vertical automatic storage, 146 rolls of acrylic, PVC and screen (capacity varies according to space), has been designed for a fast availability of the desired fabric and for a better management of the production space.

Thanks to this warehouse of storage rolls of fabric, the operator can have at his disposal the fabric that needs in a fast way, with the aim of speeding up the production of roller blinds and pvc, improving production capacity.